The sister media companies of the Capitol are very silent on the anomalous road repair and re-blocking happening in our midst.

They could either be a party to this grand conspiracy of making or they are at the receiving end or both.

No one could better agree with the statement of Board Member Tomas D. Abapo Jr. who exclaimed that the road re-blocking is a “waste of funds”.

As it seemed that no one was listening to Abapo, a veteran provincial lawmaker and respected dean of the College of Law in one of the universities in the city, he added that the project is “stupid”.

A prudent man cannot see more stupidity on the road re-blocking as it destroys a concrete road and construct a new one.

Top officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) here trooped to a committee meeting of the provincial and came up with confusing reasons.

In the first district, there are a lot of areas where the cemented road was destroyed and a new one constructed.

DPWH officials explained that these roads were reported destroyed during the 2013 earthquake. The local government unit concerned immediately repaired the road as it caused immobility in these areas shortly after the calamity.

The source of funds allocated to repair the roads reported damaged during the earthquake could no longer be augmented and has to be spent for its repair.

Well, we have no problem with that. What drove our ire is the destruction of a well-cemented roads by pummelling it by the contractors and leaving it as it is for several weeks while the motorists suffer the obstructions which even led to accidents. This conspiracy is being done in the lower echelon of the government.

The President is all out against any forms of corruption in the government but corruption indeed is happening through this anomalous road re-blocking.

DWPH Sec. Mark Villarmust immediately act against this “corruptible” undertaking by his men starting in the regional down to the district level of the agency.

We know that there is someone in Congress who prepared for the funding of these projects now laughing his way to the bank.