We wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of SAP Christopher Bong Goright now.

The pressure on him to run for the Senate increases each day and in less than a week he will have to decide.

Well, actually technically it can be longer but that’s another story.

If you know him, SAP would rather continue in his capacity as alter ego of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. His loyalty and devotion to the man is 25/8.

SAP is up long before CM is up, wide awake throughout the latter’s waking hours and still awake after the President is asleep.

And yet, he also just cannot say no to his believers, legions of them, who want him to vie for one of the 12 Senate seats at stake.

And if I know Pres. Duterte, he would not have the heart to say no to SAP’s loyal believers.

So it’s a deadlock between love for one man and love for country.

And it’s a choice he will have to make soon.

His shoes are too big to fill but even if that was possible, we wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.