All’s not well with the ruling PDP-Laban.

“Duterte fails to unite warring PDP-Laban factions,” screamed the Philippine Star, stressing the obvious.

After basking in cloud 9 in the aftermath of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s historic victory two years ago, the party is back to earth.

PDP-Laban was at its height during the 2016 state-of-the-nation-address. On the platform with Pres. Duterte were then Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and then Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Aside from being an all PDP affair, it made history for Mindanao as three of its sons sat together, basking in the limelight as though exacting revenge for the generations of neglect and discrimination for the nation’s second biggest island.

That was two years ago.

Pimentel has been quietly replaced by new Senate President Vicente Sotto III of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, a namesake of one of Cebu City’s prominent icons.

Alvarez, meanwhile, was unseated not so quietly by Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who completed her political comeback by making history for being the first woman to lead the House.

If it is any consolation, she took her oath as a member of the PDP-Laban several months although there seems to have little need for that now.

True-to-form, Pres. Duterte did not abandon the PDP-Laban. His effort to bring together the rival factions attests to that.

The President, however, has more urgent concerns to address than mend the fences that the PDP-Laban brought upon itself.

With the mid-term elections just around the corner, PDP-Laban will have to remain relevant otherwise it will be right where it was before 2016.

To stress the obvious, it has no one else to blame but itself.

Naide P Obiang once noted that an opportunity is like a train on the move. Once its doors have closed, it’s gone. (Chito A. Fuentes)