In Bohol nowadays, Liberal Party is already a passé. No local politician will openly admit that he is a member of the once-dominant political party.

No one wanted to be identified with the yellows and no local politician even dons a yellow polo shirt or a something identified with the Liberal Party.

It is as if Liberal Party is now a computer virus destroying the data and stored items in a laptop or computer processing unit (CPU).

Thus, the local LP stalwarts are now re-grouping from another vintage pointthrough a paradigm shift in preparation for the political exercise next year, sans the shift to federalism. These people cannot survive without occupying a public position.

Yes, political positioning is now on high gear in the entire province. From the municipal level, congressional, board members up to the vice-governorship and even the governorship.

So, we cannot question how the incumbent congressmen of the second and the third districts show up in major events and activities in the first district.

With more reason that we cannot question how the representative in the first district calls for a meeting with officials from the second and the third districts.

This is what we call political positioning.

For instance, the triumvirate of Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, Rep. Rene L. Relampagos and Rep. Art C. Yap remains to be a wall to hang on without necessarily bannering the Liberal Party. But you can see them together in any public activity.

The same is true with Cabinet Sec. Jun Evasco and Rep. ArisAumentado of the second district. We can see them together sans the triumvirate mentioned above.

As the deadline for filing the certificates of candidacy draws near, we can see the transformation of these political figures as they re-group together not necessarily with the ruling party but in a scenario that best suits their political interests.