Although he made it straight to the point, Cabinet Sec. LeoncioB. Evasco’s refusal to receive the award as one of the Ten Outstanding BoholanosAround the World (TOBAW) yesterday is not meant to shame Cong. Rene L. Relampagos of the first district.

Relampagos himself is one of the TOBAW awardees during the recognition rites held at the Bohol Tropics Resort yesterday.

Although Evasco joined the event, he declined to receive the TOBAW award.

Evasco said government officials, whether appointed or elected, should not be awarded for their work in the government.

The TOBAW award is a triennial recognition of accorded to Boholanos deemed to be exemplary in their field of endeavours.

The actuation of Evasco’s refusal of receiving the TOBAW award should somehow teach the organizers in deciding as to who will receive the award in the future.

Although some sectors interpreted Evasco’s actuation something political vis a vis with the award given to Relampagos who is a potential gubernatorial bet next year like the Cabinet Secretary, but there must be a lesson learned from his refusal.

In explaining his side, Evasco, the campaign manager of Pres. Duterte in the 2016 national election, stressed that government officials already made an oath to serve their position with utmost responsibility being paid by the people’s money.

We join the cause being stood by Evasco, a former priest. TOBAW awardees in the future should shine out of their field of endeavours out of the government.

Just like the promotion of military and police officials should be excluded in the criteria to receive the TOBAW award although due recognition may be extended to them by the provincial government even by the TOBAW but not as an awardee.

In other words, the TOBAW awards should not be under the whims and caprices of the provincial leadership as to who will be its recipients in the future.

Evasco’s act must be a lesson learned in the future.