The death toll of dengue victims in Bohol now stands at 17, health authorities here confirmed last week.

Reports said a total of 17 fatalities of the 1,469 cases, including those from other government and private-run hospitals, have been documented during the period Jan. to Oct. as a result of dengue complication.

The deaths have increased from five during the same period last year with 69.24% increase in number of cases from 868 last year.

However, the identities of those who died of the dreaded dengue were not made available to the media.

Ages of victims range from 2-month to 88 years old with male 52.2% mostly affected by dreaded dengue.

The town of Dauis had the most of the fatalities with four of 98 cases; and two in Tagbilaran City with 167 cases, the highest among the top ten; and two of Loon with 78 cases.

And one each death of the towns of Talibon, Ubay, Carmen, Clarin, Calape, Buenavista, S-Bullones, Panglao and Alburquerque.

Total number of dengue cases as of Oct. 27, 2018 are the following top ten: Tagbilaran with 167; Trinidad, 117; Dauis, 102; Loon, 80; Talibon, 70; Cortes, 62; Pres. CPG, 61; Ubay, 61; Carmen, 58; and Bien-Unido, 48.

In 2017, the top ten are the following: Tagbilaran City, 190 cases; Talibon,70; Carmen, 55; Dauis, 53; Panglao, 34; Tubigon, 35; G-Hernandez, 29; Ubay, 29; Loon, 26; and Bilar, 20.

There were 1,616 cases with 6 death in 2014; 2,872 with 14 deaths in 2015; 2,878 with 20 in 2016; and 1,028 with 8 in 2017, data from Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit furnished to BNT showed.

At Gov. CelestinoGallares Memorial Hospital, a total of 231cases of dengue have been recorded with 15 death toll during the period January to October 21, 2018.

Meanwhile, PHO has recommended to local government and health units to intensify information campaign underscoring the necessity of eliminating breeding places of the mosquitoes to mobilize communities to participate in clean up drive.

To government and private hospitals are urged to strictly follow dengue clinical treatment protocol and to activate dengue fast lanes. (with reports from rvo)